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Canon HF-DC1 High-Power Flash

Canon HF-DC1 High-Power FlashFor capturing images in pitch-dark environments, you can hardly depend on the built-in flash of your handy Canon digital camera. When in a camping trip for example, or in the city at night, where your only light source may be the moon, or a streetlight, a very powerful external flash unit to help you capture priceless pictures becomes very important. This is why Canon has developed the Canon HF-DC1 High-Power Flash, an optional accessory that operates wirelessly and is compatible with nearly the entire Canon digital camera line.

Gyration Gyroscopic Remote Revolutionizes Multimedia Center Installations

The Gyration Motion PC Gyroscopic Universal Remote ControlWe see plenty of innovative, truly awesome products here at the CompUSA studio. Because of this above-average level of hot stuff, we don’t have too many moments where one of us comes in and starts raving about a product, attempting to sway fellow cubicle-riders to their own way of thinking. In fact, in a company full of PC people, openly declaring your affiliations and technology preferences (Blu-ray or HD DVD, Intel or AMD, etc.) can cause a downright uproar. But I trust Logan our Product Review host, and he’s got several very good arguments for the newest generation of Vista-ready Gyration Controllers. Your mouse is your remote is your input device: It’s a brave new world people. Read on.

Hulu.com Completes Beta, Goes Live March 12.

Hulu LogoOne of our favorite sites, Hulu.com, is throwing off the beta-version warm-up and going live March 12. Hulu.com is a joint venture between Universal, NBC and Fox, offering their combined catalog of TV shows and clips free on the web, driven by short commercials, normally in the 10-second range. Hulu.com also delivers content from MGM and Sony, and company representatives have indicated that they’ve reached agreements with Warner Brothers and Lionsgate to include selected content from their libraries.

Logitech Harmony Universal Remotes: Making Beautiful Music With Your Home Theater Equipment

Everyone I know has a veritable arsenal of remote controls on their living room table or footrest. Some work, some don’t, and there are even a few whose parent components have long been discarded. It’s time to clean out the home entertainment center: the Logitech Harmony Universal Remote controls are here—and we’ve got a few […]