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Multi-Purpose Machine: Xerox Phaser 3200MFP/N

Xerox Phaser 3200MFP/NWith the advent of multi-purpose machines, the time it takes for workgroups to process all their documents is reduced when compared to using dedicated machines. It is simply more convenient and efficient to be able to do all these tasks in just one machine.

Combining the functionality of a printer, a scanner, a fax machine, and a copier, multi-purpose machines present offices with a really cost-effective solution to all their documentation needs. Ifthese things appeal to you, then you should, without a doubt, consider the Xerox Phaser 3200MFP/N for your office.

Navigate with Logitech V320 Red Cordless Optical Mouse For Notebooks

Logitech V320 Red Cordless Optical Mouse For Notebooks - Ergonomic Design, 2.4 GHzUsing the built-in touch pad to navigate your laptop can be a bit tricky. You may already have gotten used to controlling the pointer with a mouse. For superior comfort and reliability at a great price, you should try the one from an industry-leading company.

Try the Logitech V320 Red Cordless Optical Mouse to help you with your mobile computing.

Seagate FreeAgent Pro External Hard Drive 1TB Stores and Saves

Seagate FreeAgent Pro External Hard Drive 1TBFew can question the fact that our storage needs are higher than ever, and really, there is no one else to blame but ourselves. Today, more than in any other point in the short history of computing, the computer is an integral part—if not the centerpiece—of our modern lives.

We use it for almost everything; we produce many important documents, save a lot of multimedia files, communicate with others, all of which result in a large amount of files. Ultimately, that means we need more storage. So, in order to support our demanding computing habits, we need large repositories for our digital files. How larger can you get than with the Seagate FreeAgent Pro External Hard Drive 1TB? If you thought 500 gigabytes was big, think again; this hard drive lets you store a full terabyte of files.

Shuttle KPC K45 Socket 775 Barebone – Black Goes Green

Shuttle KPC K45 Socket 775 Barebone – BlackWhoever said that businesses can’t have a little bit of fun? A workplace doesn’t have to daunt you with dull white and silver office equipment.

Work can be quite fun—especially when you equip your office with the Shuttle KPC K45 Socket 775 Barebone in black. Read on and find out what this remarkable PC can offer for you.

Maxtor OneTouch III 750GB External Hard Drive

Picture yourself turning your PC on simply to surf the Net or do something fairly inconsequential. However, there is a problem: the PC just won’t turn on. You then check everything up and suddenly, you figure it out. The hard disk is shot. It’s not working. Reality sinks in, and you realize that all your […]

Asus M2N-SLI Motherboard: Build it, and They will Come

Asus M2N-SLI MotherboardDo you know what the most important part of your PC is? While the processor is no doubt important, I can argue that the motherboard is really where it all starts. Every other component that you’re planning to use on your new system critically depends on the capabilities of your motherboard.

From the type of processor all the way down to the sound card—everything relies on what the motherboard was designed to support. That is why choosing a motherboard is a very crucial step. Choose one that’s inept, and you won’t be able to build much of a system. Ineptness however, is the farthest thing away from the Asus M2N-SLI Motherboard. With its right blend of power and price, the Asus M2N-SLI Motherboard is simply an inviting proposition.

Download Much? Iomega Value Silver 1 TERABYTE External Drive

Iomega Value Silver 1TB External Hard DriveOur storage needs have grown tremendously since the early days of the modern computer. Back in the day, people were able to get by with a mere megabyte of storage memory; now, that amount isn’t even enough to store a single MP3.

To keep up with our demanding computing habits, Iomega has come up with a premier solution: the Iomega 1TB Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Value Silver Series Desktop hard drive. Here we have an external hard drive solution that brings new meaning to the term “high-capacity.” Simply put, it redefines value.

Western Digital My Book Essential Edition Packs 750 gigs of Space

Western Digital My Book Essential Edition Do you find yourself constantly deleting data off your hard drive just to make space for files you think are more relevant? Without question, our demands for storage memory are higher than ever, and sometimes a single hard disk is not even enough anymore.

But what if your motherboard doesn’t have enough SATA or IDE ports for extra hard disks? Don’t fret, as that is where the Western Digital My Book Essential Edition hard disk comes in.

Work Wirelessly with the Lexmark X6575 All-in-One Printer

Lexmark X6575 4-in-1 All-in-One PrinterIf you are looking for an affordable all-in-one printer, the Lexmark X6575 Professional printer may just be the product you are looking for. Lexmark International has created this wonderful multi-functional printer to serve as the ultimate office equipment available at a budget-friendly price.

The Lexmark X6575, however, is not just your average multi-function printer that can simply print, fax, copy, and scan. This remarkable printer is Wi-Fi capable, so it eliminates the need for any cables that only contribute to clutter in a home or office environment. The built-in wireless technology also means being able to print documents anywhere through a wireless network. If you prefer to use traditional connections, you can still connect the printer via a USB cable.

Vantec NexStar CX 2.5″ External Hard Drive Enclosure – USB 2.0

Vantec NexStar CX 2.5Adhering to its core values of form and functionality, California-based Vantec Thermal Technologies unveils the latest in its cutting-edge roster of thermal solutions products: the NexStar CX 2.5” External Hard Drive Enclosure – USB 2.0. Yes, the name’s quite a mouthful, but the tongue-twisting technical moniker packs just the kind of value this specialized enclosure keeps under wraps.

Neatly tucked within its sleek black aluminum casing is data storage capacity and disk drive conversion capability. Its simple design also makes it easy to install. On its left side are the two outlets needed for it to carry out its conversion and storage tasks: a USB port and a DC Power Input.