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Pocket Sounds: Creative Labs Zen Stone 1GB MP3 Player

Creative Labs Zen Stone 1GB MP3 PlayerMP3 players come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of style, price, and function, then grab the Creative Labs Zen Stone 1GB MP3 Player…

Top Notch Speed: HP Color LaserJet CP6015xh Printer

HP Color LaserJet CP6015xh PrinterProduce truly amazing colored pages for a fleet of networked computers with the printing powers of the HP Color LaserJet CP6015xh Printer.

While other laser jets lack the capacity to produce a hefty amount of printed media, this incredible printing monster can deliver up to 175,000 pages in a month. Its design, efficiency, and performance are just several of its most charming traits.

Centon Waterproof Flash Drive Goes where other Solid State Doesn’t

Centon 8GB Waterproof USB Flash DriveThere is no doubt that our storage needs are constantly growing. Slide presentations are laden with multimedia content, photos from cameras are getting larger as newer cameras sport higher resolutions, and media sharing has become a normal thing among friends and family.

Couple that with the fact that we have a need to bring these files while on the go then you may have to find a simple way of being able to transport these large files easily and quickly. Fortunately there is one simple solution to all of this: the Centon 8GB Waterproof USB Flash Drive.

Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 3000 Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 3000 Keyboard and Mouse ComboOne of the problems we experience in spending too much time in front of the computer is sustaining repetitive strain injury. Most computer peripherals like the mouse and keyboard lack the proper design to accommodate the natural position of the hands. Design alone contributes to stress and aggravated discomfort.

This is why one of the leading manufacturers of computer equipment continually endeavors to create the most comfortable hardware available in the market. Microsoft designers and ergonomists give their best effort to design items that encourage more comfortable hand and wrist positions. However, most keyboards and mice that provide an ergonomic design may cost too much if purchased individually. If you are looking for comfort at a great price, check one of Microsoft’s latest, affordable offering – the Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 3000 Keyboard and Mouse Combo.

Ultra eXo ATX Mid-Tower Aluminum Case

Ultra eXo ATX Mid-Tower Aluminum CaseIf you are a gamer looking for a superior-quality computer case that has all the features to meet your computing needs, it is always better to choose the product designed and manufactured by a reliable company. To be more specific, though, consider this one from Ultra Products, one of the world leaders of innovative computer solutions.

Thank them for releasing the most versatile and durable cases and making them available in the market today. One of their top-of-the-line cases is the Ultra eXo ATX Mid-Tower Aluminum Case is built to last years of use and also complies with the standard ATX form factor for do-it-yourself users. Even microATX and EATX motherboards and peripherals can be fitted in this chassis.

Pixel Perfect: The Sony Ericsson K850i Blue CameraPhone

Sony Ericsson K850i While it is true that cellular phones equipped with cameras are nothing new to this generation of cellular phone users, the actual quality of the built-in cameras can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. What good is it to have a snazzy-looking cellular phone replete with a camera and whatnot, if the camera takes awful-looking photos anyway?

If you really want a camera phone that can take pictures as beautifully as your dedicated stand-alone digital camera, then give some strong consideration to the Sony Ericcson K850i phone—a top-of-the-line cellular phone with a camera that is perfect down to the last pixel.

Big Sound, Small Headphones: Sennheiser PC 156 USB Headset

Sennheiser PC 156 USBMore than its interactive elements, the true gamer knows that the real gaming experience is not just a visual experience but an audio one as well. However spectacular a monitor is in displaying images, to fully enjoy a game the way that the developers intended requires no less than a powerful sound system.

Of course, there are a few things to consider when it comes to sound. For one, there is a chance that the place you live in simply won’t allow a 5.1 or a 7.1 surround sound setup (think neighbors). Thankfully, there is a great alternative to a full sound setup: The Sennheiser PC 156 USB Noise Canceling Headset works great.

eDimensional AudioFX Pro 5.1 Force Feedback Headset

Feel the Force from your headphoneHere is a definite must-have for any hardcore gamer! Don’t let the old-school look fool you, the AudioFX Pro 5.1 gaming headset from eDimensional and World Renowned console modder-extraordinaire Benjamin J. Heckendorn (popularly known as BenHeck) is set to blow your mind away. The result of the collaborative effort is a high quality headset designed to enhance the player’s gaming experience.

The eDimensional AudioFX Pro 5+1 Force Feedback Headsets packs great new features. The 5+1 refers to the 5.1 surround sound decoder with in-game silent frequencies. This allows gamers to hear in-game sounds such as footprints, alerts, and gunfire in a simulated three-dimensional arena, making pinpointing opponents’ locations easier than ever.

Ultra 3.5″ Stackable Enclosure: Storage Space for the Rest of us

Ultra 3.5" Stackable USB 2.0 / Firewire IDE External Hard Drive EnclosureThe technology-solutions provider Ultra Products has been striving to provide a wide range of high quality products and services for some time now. Actually, it is the company’s mission to be the best in its field, offering superior, innovative products at great value that ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the innovative minds of the people at Ultra, anyone can finally configure their hard drive setup just the way they want it. Each Stackable unit can be operated separately, giving you the freedom to purchase only the parts you need. The Ultra 3.5″ Stackable USB 2.0 / Firewire IDE External Hard Drive Enclosure product line offers three different models to choose from: IDE to USB 2.0, IDE to USB 2.0 or FireWire, and SATA to USB 2.0 or ESATA.

HP Color Laserjet CM4730 Multi Function Printer

HP Color Laserjet CM4730 MFPAre you tired of having to wait in line at the office to get your paperwork photocopied? Does your printer cause you to lag behind your deadlines? You want a fast, machine in that is a printer, photocopier, scanner, and fax all rolled into one.

The HP Color Laserjet CM4730 MFP is perfect for your office! One of the most practical innovations from the company that made its mark as one of the leading printer manufacturers in the world is this affordable 4-in-one office machine. The HP Color Laserjet CM4730 MFP is a multifunction printer that boasts of being capable of printing as much as 30 pages per minute. This machine can solve your printing problems in the office and even do it in record time.