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Leopard Shows Off it’s Glitzy Interface

Apple Leopard File Interface (PCWorld)Apple lovers are drooling over the newly released Leopard Operating System. PCWorld provides a great comparison against Windows Vista features in a great photo essay. You’ll find completely new features, like the Apple Time Machine. This great new feature is kinda like ‘GoBack‘ with one of the coolest graphic representations in it’s interface for previously stored states on the system.

Other features take a hand up from the iPhone interface, as shown in the inset image. This interface allows you to flip through documents while traversing your file structure in adjacent windows. Virtual desktops to reduce application clutter and other new innovative features are quickly revealed in this new operating system.

DirectX 10 on Windows XP…


I’m going to make a statement: Most gamers prefer Windows XP. In fact, as it seems in forums, it’s almost cool to make fun of Vista. Look at these guys in the image. Do you think they have ever played a game? There, I’ve made fun of them. Now I’m cool.
Microsoft Vista (PHOTO SOURCE:  MICROSOFT)If gamers don’t want Vista then why is Microsoft shoving it down their throats? DirectX 10 is amazing. The games are becoming so photo-realistic that it is ridiculous. Microsoft showed us this beautiful footage and before we wiped the drool from our chins, they inform us that in order to enjoy these games we would have to buy Windows Vista.

We are wounded. Are we just an after thought for Microsoft? Do they only care about the XBOX?

Beat the Summer Pricing Heat: Two Vista Computers Under $500.00 Dollars

Getting you dollars to go further in the summertime is probably worse than the heat itself. Especially nowadays, when almost everything of lasting value will cost you over $1000 dollars. But what if you don’t have a $1000 dollars? (Hey, it could just be me, right?) I’ve pulled two portable PCs out of the TigerTV […]

Killer 2007 Lineup From Samsung: Vista Certified LCD, UMPC, 4-in-1 Laser

Samsung has some of the coolest new makes and models for 2007! Their lineup includes Windows Vista Certified displays (three sizes!), One of the smallest laser printers available, and an Ultra Mobile PC that comes in several models, some capable of running Vista!

Vista: A view or prospect seen through a long NARROW avenue or Passage…

This is part of a definition for the noun “Vista.” And as the release date for Microsoft’s new operating system approaches I am, like many of you, begining to do my research as to whether I should buy Vista or not. In my research I am feeling an undertone of a sentiment creep into my […]