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TigerDirect TV: Thermaltake 750W Modular PSU

Troduct link: http://bit.ly/NKiL3p

TigerDirect TV: Thermaltake TPX-1275 Toughpower Power Supply

Troduct Link: http://bit.ly/I9VVlh

Electricity Harvesting: A Powerfull Step for Mankind

shocking-knee-photos-pics.jpgUS and Canadian scientists are making huge strides in the development of energy-harvesting technology. They recently developed a device that collects electricity generated by normal everyday human movement such as walking. This device, which they call the Biomechanical Energy Harvester, makes it possible to harness the energy produced by the body as it performs ordinary movements. Biomechanical energy can then be re-used to power all sorts of portable devices from mobile phones to laptops, and even emergency services equipment.

Logitech G51 Surround Sound Speaker System: Breathe Life into your Games and Movies

logitech-g51-main-pic.jpgAny gamer will tell you just how important audio is in relevance to gaming. I mean what’s the point of having that large HDTV display without the “thump” to accompany it, right? Well, there is no reason to lack the “oomph” in your living room anymore; not if you’ve got the Logitech G51 Surround Sound Speaker System.