l23-7066-feature2.jpgLogitech MX5000 Cordless Keyboard & Rechargeable Mouse. Keyboards and mice have been around since the earliest days of modern personal computers, and pretty much, their basic design remains the same. Admittedly, there’s really nothing wrong with the way they look and work, so why innovate, right? It might seem as such, but in reality, the applications we use today have evolved, bringing about a noticeable increase in complexity. So when a company like Logitech tries to innovate upon the basic designs of keyboards and mice in such a way that they augment our ability to use modern applications, we can’t help but smile. The Logitech MX500 Cordless Keyboard & Rechargeable Mouse comes as one of their latest products, and if previous models are an indication, then it’s safe to say that this one is impressive as well. More »