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NVIDIA Tegra Chip to make Tiny Digital Devices faster, more powerful

NVIDIA Tegra ChipOn Sunday, NVIDIA announced a new processor line-up intended to power a new class of fast, compact devices. Designed for long battery life, “full” internet capacity, and high-end games, these devices (and the Tegra chip that powers them) will also be able to display high-definition video.

The graphics chipmaker is calling the Tegra 600 and Tegra 650 processors “computers on a chip” for highly portable, visual devices, and it is aiming squarely at a market currently in the sights of Intel, the number on chip manufacturer on the market.

Asus Eee PC 2G Surf

Asus Eee PC 2G Surf

Asus Eee PC 2G SurfIf there is any single device that truly epitomizes the philosophy of compact technology, it’s got to be the laptop computer. There aren’t many other devices that can compare to a laptop’s combination of portability and functionality. Simply put, it’s a fully-functional PC that you can carry with you all the time. That fact has never been more evident than in the case of the Asus Eee PC 2G Surf. The Asus Eee PC 2G Surf is the little laptop that could; it is ultra-portable redefined.

Google Allows Off-Line Access To Web-Based Documents

Google Docs is now available offline to a select few with wider offerings expected to followHow could Google Docs and Spreadsheets get any better? Well, Google, with yet another shot-over-the-bow at Microsoft, is letting users of its Internet-based word-processing program access their documents offline. A desktop version of Google Docs, now available to a small number of select users, will be rolled out more broadly over the next few weeks, the Mountain View company said Tuesday in a blog posting.