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TigerDirectTV: Tech Juice May 9, 2012

On TigerDirect TV’s Tech Juice, Yendi gets excited about the new HP Ultrabook and Sleekbooks as well as facial recognition software that may reveal the true identity of the Mona Lisa. TigerDirect’s Deals are so good you think you are getting away with something.

3:10 to YUMA DVD Is a Return to the “Old West”

3:10 to YumaIn case you didn’t know, we sell DVD movies – some of the best ever made — on TigerDirect.com. And as our resident film buff (I know, everyone claims to be a film freak; we even have a guy here at Tiger who thinks that M. Night Shyamalan has earned the title of the best director alive, while I think he’s a One Trick Pony whose Sixth Sense remains the only truly exceptional film the Midnight Man’s made).

Now, James Mangold’s 3:10 to Yuma starring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale is a good, old-fashioned Western morality play that’s almost as good as the 1957 original (a minor classic adapted from an Elmore Leonard novella).