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Embedded Computing Design: The Engineer's Source for Embedded Systems Information

Embedded Computing Design is the engineer's source for embedded systems information. With 8 print issues a year and monthly E-newsletters; coverage spans a wide range of electronics technology and applications in embedded computing. Staff-written features plus contributed articles from leading companies and standards consortia provide insightful perspectives on current methods, trends, and tools in the industry.

Cost Effective Scalability with Informatica PowerCenter8 on HP Grid on Linux

This white paper, “Cost Effective Scalability with Informatica PowerCenter8 on HP Grid on Linux”, publishes the results of benchmark tests measuring the performance and scalability of Informatica® PowerCenter® 8 Enterprise Grid Option in a 64-bit grid system based on HP servers and RedHat Linux.

Test results demonstrate that PowerCenter's throughput numbers are the highest ever publicly published in benchmark study of a data integration solution running in a grid environment. The results show near linear scalability in processing data volumes ranging from 100GB to 1TB.

The Power of High-Speed Data Transformation

Discover an innovative and simple-to-implement solution that will help you deliver mission-critical applications that meet your performance needs. In this webinar, you will learn how DMExpress, a high-performance data transformation product for UNIX, Linux, and Windows environments, minimizes the computer resources needed to run your data-intensive applications, improves query and reporting time, streamlines data for loading, speeds up warehousing tasks, and much more.

Ten Steps Towards Achieving Business Compliance

Learn the steps that organizations can take to make their Internet communications a business advantage, not a potential threat.

This paper demonstrates the need to protect a company's assets, reputation, and employees while providing the Internet communications necessary for modern business. Employees and other users put businesses at risk by sending documents to the wrong people, unknowingly browsing inappropriate Web sites, downloading unapproved applications, or forwarding objectionable email. You need operational visibility in all communications and data, and stop network assaults so your company can use the Internet confidently, without interruption, on and off the network.

FierceGameBiz offers daily video game industry insights

FierceGameBiz is an easy to ready daily business email newsletter on the video game industry with a special focus on online games, mobile games and in-game advertising.

In five minutes or less — one quick email per day — FierceGameBiz will give you must-know news, trends, game reviews, and insights about the video game industry. Join more than 3000 serious game industry professionals in receiving this insiders-only daily briefing, complete with articles, breaking news, interviews, and game industry deals that will save you time and keep you ahead of competition.

The Data Quality Business Case: Projecting Return on Investment

This white paper outlines the importance of data quality in today's business environment, describing how an organization should tackle a data quality improvement process and where Informatica data quality software solutions fit into that process.

Keep up to date with the latest data on projecting ROI with this free whitepaper from Tradepub and TigerDirect.

Circuit Cellar: The resource guidebook for hands-on embedded systems design engineers

Circuit Cellar magazine delivers hands-on embedded systems application articles straight from design engineers in the field.

This truly is a publication for professionals and serious electronic enthusiasts who want to know how the other guy would handle design challenges new and old alike. Editorial content includes schematics, source code, and honest opinions.

Improving Remote Access Security and Monitoring

This survey reports that IT decision-makers know remote access is increasing and understand the need to improve security and monitoring activities to protect their company's intellectual assets. With heightened security and increased regulatory requirements, they need solutions that will track and monitor remote access easily and unobtrusively.

Contrary to popular belief, security and monitoring tools are available so companies do not have to remain vulnerable when remote users access the Internet outside of the corporate network.

Benchmarking Strategies for Application Acceleration

This in-depth white paper from The Tolly Group identifies the root causes of application performance slow-downs and offers a 10-step strategy for boosting the performance of mission-critical Web-based applications.

Learn more about benchmarking strategies from an industry leader in this whitepaper, for free – from Tradepub and TigerDirect!

Migrating Off the Mainframe

Regardless of the reasons your business has elected to move off mainframe, once the decision has been made, your IT organization needs to know about the approaches, techniques, and tools to successfully migrate to a more modern application landscape or open standard RDBMS like Oracle.

Migrating Off the Mainframe examines both the business and technical challenges of migrating off the mainframe. It outlines the seven mainframe migration approaches that IT organizations can use to develop their migration strategies. It explores common data migration project methodologies and tools, and suggests ways to convert a serial approach to migration into a more effective, iterative process. Finally, this white paper describes how IT organizations can use Informatica enterprise data integration software to effectively migrate off the mainframe to more modernized systems.