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Mobile Web Use on the Rise

Prada Unlocked GSM CellphoneCompUSA customers tend to be a bit more hip than the average bear – and you are probably using the internet more than your peers on mobile devices – and according to Google – more than ever.

When nobody was using the Internet on the phone, I was. When nobody had a Blackberry, I did. When nobody had Windows Mobile, I did. Now, I just have a phone. While the allure of the iPhone and some of the other sexy GSM devices that have been coming out – I’m not sure exactly how I feel about mobile computing – although I love using my iPod Touch on WiFi – and having that everywhere would be nice – but after spending 20 hours a day on a computer – do you need more time to be connected?

Intel Reveals new WiMax-WiFi Roaming

Cell TowerConverged networks. Seamless link exchange. Passing Off to the next tower. These are all things we take for granted – and your cell phone is a great example. While you can seemingly stay connected for an endless stretch of the road – you are actually making those calls from different cellular towers along the way. The closest tower is generally going to get the call. As you move, that changes and they are passed between one another without you even realizing it.

TigerDirect News Update for December 12, 2006

This is the TigerDirect News Update for Tuesday, December 12, 2006.

Today’s podcast includes:

  • Samsung’s Dealt a Blackjack – and it’s not a good hand
  • Wireless connections for your TV are around the corner
  • Nintendo’s Wii Faces Lawsuit from Remote Manufacturer
  • and Microsoft rolls out a new VOIP Server


TigerDirect News Update for December 11, 2006

This is the TigerDirect news update for Monday, December 11, 2006.

Today’s podcast includes:

  • Spam on the Rise
  • Bogus Spyware has Korea up in Arms
  • The Wii outsells PS3 in it’s first month of sales
  • WiMax the new ‘copper’ network

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