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Great for School Use: HP 2133 Mini-Note PC

It might be small in size but it’s big on usability, durability, and attractiveness.

Packed with an impressive combination of features, the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC offers you a full-featured PC with mobility. Plus, its simple, refined design and all-aluminum case make it sleek and sturdy yet super lightweight.

HP dx2450 KA574UT AMD Business Desktop PC Saves Over Competition

HP dx2450 KA574UT AMD Business Desktop PC The HP dx2450 KA574UT AMD Business Desktop PC is designed for business-related tasks. It is armed with specifications and applications that have been especially picked to meet the needs of any business or office.

Connectivity is not an issue. Files are protected with much security, and it is small enough to be placed anywhere in the office.

HP dx2250 RT776UT AMD Desktop PC and LCD Bundle

HP dx2250 RT776UT AMD Desktop PC and LCD BundleAre you looking for the most cost-effective way of equipping an office with a capable PC? Well then, look no further since the HP dx2250 RT776UT AMD Desktop Computer and LCD Bundle proves to be…

HP xw4600 Intel Workstation PC

HP xw4600 Intel Workstation PCEvery business professional needs a reliable workstation that not only delivers superior performance but can also cope with the workload it is subjected to year after year. We’ve seen workstations fail during mission critical tasks causing downtimes that eventually result in losses for the company.

If you think your current computer in the office lacks the power to keep up with the growing demand of your workload, try switching to one from a leading manufacturer of reliable office equipment. Get great value for your money with the HP xw4600 Intel Workstation PC.