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Podcast: TigerDirect News Update for December 7, 2006

Today’s TigerDirect News Update Podcast includes the most recent announcements on the projected sales of the Zune media player; Cellular Phones do not impose increased health risks according to a Danish study; Nintendo offers words of caution to WII owners who may find themselves having a ‘smashing good time’; and NASA’s plans to colonize Mars, via the Moon.

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Networking Round Up: 3G Router, Wifi Skype and SATA NAS

TigerDirectBlog takes the sting out of new technologies by exploring them for you! With so many advances in networking equipment – seems about everything is connected to the net these days – it’s hard to keep on top of the latest advances. Today, TigerDirectblog explains some of these advances.

Featuring the D-Link 3G EVDO Router, Netgear WiFi Skype Handset and the D-Link SATA Network Attached Storage Unit.