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Linksys WRT150N Wireless N Router

Wireless-N is the next generation of wireless with advanced radio technology that is fast and boasts coverage area that virtually helps to eliminate dead spots. The level of speed that Wireless-N offers makes it ideal for media-centric applications like streaming video, gaming, and Voice over IP telephony, even all at the same time.

The new Linksys WRT150N Wireless N Router is Linksys’ answer for consumers who wish to utilize Wireless-N technology and connect multiple devices in their home network at incredible speeds. This is a sign of the many wireless home networks that have come to include various lifestyle and consumer appliances with wireless access. The Linksys Wireless-N Home Router is an affordable solution which provides a higher level of convenience, security and performance to your own home wireless network.

LevelOne WBR-6000 Wireless N Router: Eye-Catching Performance

level-one-router.jpgHey guys it’s WilG again I’ve got a new product that I’d like to recommend to you. I know there’s a ton of wireless routers on the market, but the LevelOne WBR-6000 wireless N router caught my attention last week.

The LevelOne WBR-6000 Wireless router features the new 802.11N protocol that offers up to 300Mbps of wireless connection when used with wireless N clients. This router is also 802.11b and 802.11g compatible so you should have no worries about your old B and G cards.