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Kingston MobileLite Wireless Overview

Kingston MobileLite Wireless Overview

This overview of the Kingston MobileLite Wireless is going to make you write a letter to Santa this Christmas. Check it out — this baby has a builtin rechargeable battery; which allows you to use it as a power bank to charge your mobiles or gadgets. It also lets you connect USB flash drives and […]

TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice July 12, 2012

This Thursday on Tech Juice. Payphones in New York are now the WiFi hot spots! And we have photos from comic con 2012! The Tiger Direct deal of the is a TRENDnet 200Mbps Powerline AV Adapter Kit: bit.ly

TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice July 10, 2012

Tuesday morning on Tech Juice at TigerDirect TV is all about the Ouya hackable game console. Researchers over at Georgia Tech have created energy by rubbing two plastic sheets together. Today’s deal is perfect!

TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice June 18, 2012

Happy Monday on Tech Juice from TigerDirect TV! Yendi gets in on the new Windows 8 Tablet story and the US is now home to the world’s fastest SuperComputer from IBM. Yendi is pumped about her Miami Heat! Always get the greatest deal at TigerDirect.

TigerDirect TV: Thermaltake 750W Modular PSU

Troduct link: http://bit.ly/NKiL3p

TigerDierct TV: Tech Update 140

honny and Yendi bring you some exciting tech news this week! Wait, is that zombies?!

TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice May 30, 2012

Its Wednesday on Tech Juice and we’ve got stories on Googles new 7″ Tablet – the Nexus (made by ASUS and powered with a Tegra 3 chipset)! There’s also the malware issue from an Iranian nuclear plant that raised eyebrows about the security of popular chips made by China and used by the US Military. […]

TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice May 21, 2012 (Re-Uploaded)

Its Monday at Tigerdirect TV and Tech Juice is all about your daily tech news and deals on electronics! Yendi talks about a Chinese Business Group’s take over of AMC movie theater chains and Samsung’s Smartphone Voice App Block. TigerDirect’s deal of the day is amazing!

TigerDirect TV: Netgear R6300 Wireless Router

Eroduct Link:http://bit.ly/K8DUnX

TigerDirect TV: Netgear Wireless Range Extender

Troduct Link: http://bit.ly/JML9Td