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Rubik’s Cube Solving Robots – What’s Next?

Rubik’s Solving RobotWhile robots are seemingly all the crazy everywhere you look, now, they’ve gotten a robot to do the Rubik’s cube.

Not that long ago Logan took at look at some awesome robots from WowWee at CES, and they just get more and more cool.

WowWee: Tri-Bot, Femi-Sapien and More!

Tri-Bot from WowWee at CES 2008TigerTV has been able to get some of the pre-show pictures being released by WowWee of their latest robotic gear.

These guys are sure to provide you with a ton of new reasons you want to drop a few hundred dollars for a new toy. I’ve got my eye set on one or two of these already – I just wish aerial flying devices would have a longer range – being in a high-rise over a bay I could have some fun!