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Microsoft Xbox One Reveals A “New Generation”

xbox one1

Microsoft has announced the new Xbox One games console, they told us everything we needed to know…except its release date.

TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice June 21, 2012

Tech Juice time on TigerDirect TV! This lovely Thursday morning brings us news of Microsoft’s smack down and Windows 8 happenings for mobile phones. There is also stem cell breakthroughs in Japan. Today’s deal of the day is absolutely wonderful! Tiger’s Deal of the Day: bit.ly

Tigerdirect TV: Tech Juice May 4, 2012

That Friday feeling got Yendi doing her happy dance on Tech Juice this morning. Its always a good time at Tigerdirect TV. We speak about the official release of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and a few launch dates in the gaming world. Check out Tiger’s deal of the day – in time for Mother’s Day!

TigerDirectTV: Tech Juice May 3, 2012

On this Thursday morning, Yendi gets a little fiesty when talking about her Tiger Blood and Microsoft is getting down and dirty with scientists from Yahoo. Today’s TigerDirect Deal of the Day is wonderful!

TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice May 2, 2012

Its Wednesday on Tech Juice at TigerDirect TV. Yendi speaks of Adidas’ “MiCoach” (no pun intended) and Zuckerberg may be a victim of his own success! Tigerdirect’s Deal of the day is wicked Corsair DDR3 RAM!

Soul Calibur IV out now!… and receiving rave reviews!

Soul Calibur IV has an average score of 92, and for the first time ever Namco received a 100 score.      [Also known as "Soul Calibur IV"] Swords will be honed and weapons optimized as the world renowned weapon-based fighting series Soulcalibur unveils a fourth installment. Delivering new gameplay modes, characters and enhanced features with unprecedented […]

Condemned 2: Bloodshot for Xbox 360 Game Review

A lot of disturbing things can be found scattered in the world of Condemned 2: Bloodshot. But the one thing that really makes your spine tingle is that it’s disturbingly good at what it does. Imagine what it feels like to be trapped in a 4 x 4 cell filled with the most psychotic of […]

Guitar Hero Strums Way into World Record

Guitar Hero III (Image Credit: Activision)While millions are playing Guitar Hero, few were lucky enough to attend the most recent event recognized by the Guinness World Records.

Teenager Chris Chike is the No. 1 ranked Guitar Hero III player in the world and was awarded with a certificate in New York City.

The Dark Side of XBOX: The New XBOX 360 Elite

200801009_1.jpgMicrosoft has finally joined the Dark Age of gaming as it unveiled the Xbox 360 Elite System in black. Will this bring new light to the next generation of gaming? The launch of the new system heightens its rivalry with Sony’s PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii. Armed with more storage space, enhanced graphics capabilities, and a new black finish, the Xbox 360 Elite system is as formidable as it can get.

Halo 3 Limited Edition Packaging Causes Aesthetic Damage to Discs

Halo 3 is out and the blog reports are in: The game is fantastic, the packaging…not so much. This is because the Special limited Edition box sets designed for die-hard fans are scratching the game discs. Though this doesn’t appear to stop people from playing the game, it’s a snafu that Microsoft could have lived […]